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Welcome to The Feeder Anorak!
Last Update - Saturday 2nd November 2019

It's taken me a few weeks, but finally, I've uploaded all of the latest releases from the Tallulah era ... check em out!

Fear Of Flying (Promo CD)

Tallulah (Promo CD)

Tallulah (Album CD)

Tallulah (Deluxe CD)

Tallulah (Pink Tape)

Tallulah (White Tape)

Tallulah (Red Tape)

Tallulah (Japanese CD)

Tallulah (Pic Disc)

Tallulah (LP)

Tallulah (White Label)

Tallulah (Unprinted Pic Disc)

Don't forget to check out the For Sale page for all the latest offerings I have and what I have on ebay!

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