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Welcome to The Feeder Anorak!
Last Update - Monday 29th September 2014

Ahhh, another 6 months since the last site update, but there's quite a bit to share ...

Descend (1 track USA CDR)

Just The Way I'm Feeling (1 Track CDR)

Torn To Pieces (CDR)

Comfort In Sound (European CDR)

Echo Park (Sampler CDR)

Seven Sleepers EP (Japanese Promo CDR)

Yesterday Went Too Soon (Indonesia Cassette Album)

Compilation (10 Track Promo Video)

And of course, with Grant having some time off from Feeder and doing a solo project, a multitude of entries for that ...

Soul Mates (7" Single)

Soul Mates (1 Track Promo CD)

Yorktown Heights (Deluxe CD)

Yorktown Heights (standard CD)

Yorktown Heights (LP)

Yorktown Heights (Japanese CD)

Yorktown Heights (Hong Kong CD)

Yorktown Heights (White Label LP)

Yorktown Heights (Full Album Promo)

Yorktown Heights (5 Track Sampler)

Time Stood Still (1 Track Promo CD)

Time Stood Still (Download EP)

But let's not forget that Taka has been doing some other stuff too, so I've added his Muddy Apes stuff ...

Muddy Apes - Fairy Dirt No. 5

Muddy Apes - Crush It

Don't forget to check out the For Sale page for all the latest offerings I have and what I have on ebay!

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