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About The Feeder Anorak

I've always been a keen collector of records and I was always fascinated by Feeders artwork, their image and most of all, the music. I have always been impressed at the vast wealth of top quality B-sides that Feeder have produced. A lot of bands these days just don't seem to bother with B-sides which is a shame!

I was also fascinated by the fact that with each new release, a whole raft of promotional items are also issued, sometimes with different artwork or edits of tracks. So, I've kinda devoted a large part of my life and bank balance to finding them all!

In March 2001 I joined the Feeder Messageboard and found some like minded people who I could chat about Feeder stuff and I kept getting asked questions about the back catalogue ... so much so, that I created this site to try and answer the questions before they were asked! And here it is, the fruits of my labours .... I hope you enjoy it!

Oh and the other thing I get asked a lot ..... why call it "The Feeder Anorak" ? Well, as you may or may not know, the term, "to be an anorak" about a subject means you know everything about it and if you find something new, you want to know all about that too! That kinda sums me up in relation to Feeders back catalogue! It stems from the train spotting world, where trains spotters would wear anoraks on cold windy train stations on the search for that elusive carriage number or engine ... well, I'm no train spotter, but I have been know to search long and hard for that elusive record or bizarre foreign edition of a CD!

This is the Version 3.0 of the site. Designed by Nance, who finally got off her bum and learnt how to work PHP and MySQL.

The Feeder Anorak has been mentioned in Metal Hammer's Superfan feature, as well as live on XFM radio by Zoe Ball.

It was voted the 238th Best Site in the 2002 IMA Awards, 228th Best Site in the 2003 IMA Awards, and 243rd Best Site in the 2004 DMA Awards.

If you're looking for the FAQ it's now moved to its own site! Update your bookmarks: http://www.feederfaq.co.uk