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About Me

Well, you must be having a good old explore of the site if you come to this page .... either that or you are a bit bored!

Anyway, I just thought I'd have a small page which talks a bit about me and why I do this website!

So, you've read this far .... you must be actually interested then .... bit of a shocker that, but I shall continue!

My name is Pete Croxson and I am, at the time of writing, 31. I currently live in Waterlooville (UK). I work for a major computing company but that's boring so I'll not talk about that! I am shockingly not single and even met my gorgeous girlfriend through the Feeder messageboards!

I've been running this site since March 2002 .... and the main reason I set it up was that I am a collector of Feeder stuff and I am passionate about the band! I first heard of them through a friend who had a sampler which featured Chicken On A Bone. We went to the Reading Festival that year (1996) and so we went to one of the small tents to see them play. This was still the days of orange boiler suits and long hair .... I was impressed!

After that, I went to Uni and didn't hear much about the band until I noticed that one of the writers of Kerrang listed Stereo World as on his playlist .... there was a picture of the cover on the page too ... and it came back to me! I went out that day and bought the single. I've not looked back since.

I've almost grown up with the band .... the first time I saw them live on their own was my 4th or 5th gig ever. I traveled during an Easter break from Uni to The Varsity, Wolverhampton. It was a tiny place with the "dressing room" opposite the toilets behind the stage! The gig was marvelous but to only about 40 or 50 people! After the gig I managed to meet the guys, got some autographs and had a chat to Grant about his new song High and what I thought of it and also the lack of crowd reaction, despite my best attempts to jump around like a loon! As of May 2012, I'm up to 67 Feeeder gigs (amongst many others) and it just feels like they are a part of my life! (I'm not a stalker or anything like that .... I promise!!).

Over the years, I've got to know many of the people at Feederweb and Feeder HQ and I am now in the fortunate position of working with them on a regular basis on Feeder's online presence and various little projects such as the Silent Cry Listening Party. It's a role that I enjoy and I will look to continue and expand on it for as long as they need me.

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