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Echo Park (Early Mixes)

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PVC Wallet
Paper Insert
October 2000
£30 - £40
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1. Turn - Main Mix 2 2. Buck Rogers - Main Mix 1 3. Seven Days In The Sun - Main Mix 1 - Node - ess 4. Piece By Piece - GML65 5. Under The Weather - Main Mix 2


This is a sampler of tracks from the Echo Park album and is date "11/9/00" - assuming that this is in DD/MM/YY format, this dates it a full 7 months before the eventual release of Echo Park.

The mixes featured on this CDR are different to the final mixes on the album ... they are more raw with less electronic effects and polish, although the essence of the songs are very much there. I don't think there is any lyrical difference to the final versions but I will check this more carefully soon.

The best part about this promo is the reference to "Nurofen" ... which was the original title for the song "Under The Weather". This title was dropped because "Nurofen" is a brand name and I don't think it would've been allowed. Grant said at the Wedgewood Rooms gig on the Echo Park Preview tour (Dec 2000) that "this song is called Nurofen ... we might not be able to call it that but you'll always know it as Nurofen!" ... you can see the setlist of that gig here.

Also, whoever made this promo mucked it up a little ... there are 6 tracks on the CD, but track 5 is only about 20 seconds long and doesn't feature any sounds at all, hence the track listing missing out track 5 altogether!!

I've only ever seen one of these EVER!!


Echo Park (Early Mixes) Artwork 1 Echo Park (Early Mixes) Artwork 2