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3 Track Sampler (CDR)

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PVC Wallet
Paper Insert
December 2000
£20 - £30
Rarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating Star


1. Home For The Summer 2. Forever Glow 3. Piece By Piece (Early Version)


This is an odd promo, mainly because of the tracklisting .... it's a right mish mash of b-sides and album tracks and I have no idea why it was produced! It could well be a one off!

As a result, the release date is a bit of a guess!

UPDATE 18/08/2010 ... for the first time since I got this, I've decided to play it and I've realised that the version of Piece By Piece on this promo is rather different to the one we know and love! The lyrics are the same, but the instrumentation and the way he sings it are totally different. The snappy, almost sampled drums are not there. The lead guitar is buried in the mix and the vocals sounds dulled, almost like it's a home recording. The verse is also sung with a different innunciation, with more emphasis and the "aaaaand me" bit of the first line.

Very interesting indeed ... as a result, I've re-christened the track, changed the date, as it must pre-date the final album version and upped the value as I think this may be the only place to get this version of the track!


3 Track Sampler (CDR) Artwork 1