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Raindancer - Live (3 Track Video)

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Card Sleeve
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Custom Printed Label
June 1991
£50 - £60
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1. Hypnotised 2. Go 3. Can't Stop


Before Feeder were formed, Grant Nicholas (vocals/guitar) was in Raindancer, with Jon Lee (drums), Simon Blight (guitar) & John Canham (bass). On the 20th of June 1991, they were invited to appear on a program called "Stage One" which was a late night ITV show, showcasing up & coming bands. The gig was filmed at The Town & Country Club, London (without any audience present!).

Pictured on the right are the compliments slips that were sent, I think from Grant, to the guy I bought these from. They also talk about a tape of the show, which you can see here.

The seller also gave me a DVD of the actual show which was broadcast on ITV. It features 5 tracks - "Hypnotised", "Fade Away", "Can't Stop", "It's Your Own Fault" and "Promise Of Love".


Raindancer - Live (3 Track Video) Artwork 1 Raindancer - Live (3 Track Video) Artwork 2 Raindancer - Live (3 Track Video) Artwork 3 Raindancer - Live (3 Track Video) Artwork 4 Raindancer - Live (3 Track Video) Artwork 5