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Real (Demo Recordings)

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Standard Tape Case
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£100 - £150
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1. Give (Demo) 2. Believe (Live) 3. Spill (Live)


This has to be the ultimate Feeder rarity ... it's a 3 track demo tape featuring records of tracks from when the band was known as "Real", which was the incarnation before "Feeder".

Track 1, called "Give", is basically the original acoustic version of "Suffocate" that ended up on the Polythene album. It's slightly different musically and lyrically, but not entirely noticeable.

Track 2, called "Believe", is unreleased to date ... it starts off pretty slow, with just bass and drums and vocals and then the chorus is as LOUD as anything! Typical Feeder really ... some of the ideas in this song may well have ended up in other songs!

Track 3, called "Spill", is a completely different version of the song with the same name which we know already! The lyrics and make up of the chorus is the same, but the rest is totally different

This is probably one of only a handful of copies made, perhaps even the only one! Despite the poor sound quality of the tape, when it appeared on ebay, it sold for 180, hence the price above!

Thanks to Marc for scans.


Real (Demo Recordings) Artwork 1 Real (Demo Recordings) Artwork 2