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Polythene (Full Album)

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Album Jewel Case
£10 - £15
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1. Polythene Girl 2. My Perfect Day 3. Cement 4. High 5. Crash 6. Radiation 7. Suffocate 8. Descend 9. Stereo World 10. Change 11. Tangerine 12. Forgive 13. 20th Century Trip


I've seen very few of these for sale, so it appears to be quite rare. There's some interesting stuff on the back cover. As it doesn't come out in the scan, here is what is says :

"The album rocks (like a bastard, if truth be told), but every track is underpinned by an irresistable and infectious pop classicism which sets the band apart" - New Musical Express

Polythene is a gorgeous record. A layered, swirling and prickly beastie with a soft underbelly.

Feeder formed in London in 1994. The trio consists of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Grant Nicholas and drummer Jon Lee, both of South Wales via North London, and bassist Take (Pronounced "taka") Hirose, from Japan. In just three years, the band has made quite an impact on the UK music scene, touring relentlessly, releaseing several singles and an EP and reaching the Top 5 on the Independent charts. They've even won the approval of the notoriously picky UK music press.

On their debut album, Polythene, Feeder fuses jagged, distortedf riffage with sugarsweet choruses, for a sound that's heavy enough to be rock, delirious enough to be pop.

Feeder made a big splash when they played in New York at the 1996 CMJ Music Marathon; they plan to return to tour the US in 1998"

The apparent evidence of a favourable review from NME makes this item completely unique!! *lol*

Oh yeah, and yes, they did think that Taka's name was spelt T - a - k - e!! *lol*

Please note : There is no front artwork.


Polythene (Full Album) Artwork 1 Polythene (Full Album) Artwork 2