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Off The Record (Radio Show CDR)

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W9941-A-092299 00004
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£15 - £20
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1. Insomnia 2. Descend 3. High


This is an interesting CD which is basically a 1 hour pre-made Radio Show which was probably sydicated over America's numerous local rock radio stations. It starts off with an introduction which talks about "hopping across the pond" to chat to Bush and Feeder to "see if Feeder can retain their raw energy that saw them banned from a chain of record stores in the UK" ( a reference to Feeder being banned by HMV after a rather rumbustuous in-store appearance!).

It is labelled as "for broadcast the weekend of October 9 / 10, 1999" and is for promotion of the Yesterday Went Too Soon album ... and includes the songs Insomnia, Descend and High.

Only Grant and Taka are interviewed and there isn't that much chat .... but highlights are :

* Grant describes how a "big girl" got on stage and grabbed his arse during a gig and he thought it was Taka! He then said that he would like more of this!!

* The DJ talks about the HMV incident and then moves of to get them to describe how they feel after a show ... "still buzzing" is the answer

* Grant reveals the first song he learnt (when he was about 10) was "Rat Trap" by The Boomtown Rats which he described as "an old classic" and also the James Bond theme tune!

* The DJ reels in pain as she describes Grant, in his youth, playing his guitar "so hard that a string broke and it hit him in the face prompting his mother to buy him an amp" - not sure I quite see the connection, but hey, I'm sure it's true!

Oh and the American commercials need to be heard for them to be believed .... sooo cheesy!!


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