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Comfort In Sound (Korea)

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PCKD 00112
Pony Canyon Korea
Rest Of World
Album Jewel Case
Card Slipcase & Obi Strip
£10 - £15
Rarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating Star


1. Just The Way I'm Feeling 2. Come Back Around 3. Helium 4. Child In You 5. Comfort In Sound 6. Forget About Tomorrow 7. Summers Gone 8. Godzilla 9. Quick Fade 10. Find The Colour 11. Love Pollution 12. Moonshine 13. Opaque 14. Emily


This appears to have a glossy card slipcase which is only open at one end, a bit like the slip cover for the UK edition.

Thanks to Angela (Jezebel Seven) for the information about this release!


Comfort In Sound (Korea) Artwork 1 Comfort In Sound (Korea) Artwork 2