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Advance CD

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Chrysalis Music
Album Jewel Case
February 2008
£20 - £30
Rarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating Star


1. We Are The People 2. We Are One 3. Itsumo 4. Silent Cry 5. Fires 6. Miss You 7. 8.18 8. Sonorous 9. Yeah Yeah 10. Tracing Lines 11. Space 12. Guided By A Voice 13. Who’s The Enemy 14. Free Your Mind 15. Every Minute


This USA promo CD surfaced a couple of months before any UK promo for the Silent Cry album.

It features a different order to the tracks, the "We Are One" interlude as an isolated track and another interlude track, "Free Your Mind", that has never been officially released, although Taka has used it for one of his Funky Bottom songs on his Myspace page.

It also features some alternate names / spelling mistakes, with no "u" in "Sonorous" and and extra "Yeah" for the normally named "Yeah Yeah" track.

It also suggests that "Fires" is the first single, which was suggested, but was out-voted eventually.

Note : There is no front cover for this release, as is common with US promo CDRs


Advance CD Artwork 1 Advance CD Artwork 2