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Renegades (Slipcase Edition)

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Big Teeth Music
Album Jewel Case
Card Slipcase
5th July 2010
Rarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating Star


1. White Lines 2. Call Out 3. Renegades 4. Sentimental 5. This Town 6. Down To The River 7. Home 8. Barking Dogs 9. City In A Rut 10. Left Foot Right 11. The End


This edition of the album is basically the standard edition of the album, but with an added slipcase, with the name of the band in red as opposed to white. The slipcase features a unique catalogue number. Everything else about the release is the same as the standard edition.

Like the standard edition, the back cover artwork refers to "Down To The River" as "Down By The River". The proper title is "Down To The River", as I asked Grant this direct question. Apparently, the art director wanted differences between the various editions of the album! Presumably just to mess with our minds!

This edition was exclusive to the Asda chain of shops.


Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 1 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 2 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 3 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 4 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 5 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 6 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 7 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 8 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 9 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 10 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 11 Renegades (Slipcase Edition) Artwork 12