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Yorktown Heights (Double LP)

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Popping Candy
Card Sleeve
Inner Sleeves
Picture Label
11th August 2014
£12 - £15
Rarity Rating StarRarity Rating StarRarity Rating Star


1. Soul Mates 2. Hitori 3. Tall Trees 4. Robots 5. Vampires 6. Good Fortune Lies Ahead 7. Joan Of Arc 8. Hope 9. Isolation 10. Broken Resolutions 11. Time Stood Still 12. Father To Son 13. Counting Steps 14. Silent In Space 15. Safe In Place


Tracks 1 - 4 are on the first vinyl, a side. Tracks 5 - 8 are on the first vinyl, b side.

Tracks 9 - 12 are on the second vinyl, c side. Tracks 13 - 15 are on the second vinyl, d side.

This is a beautiful item, which really showcases the artwork, as created by Grant's daughter. Add to this the lovely white vinyl and it's a great overall package. Music as it should be, on vinyl :)


Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 1 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 2 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 3 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 4 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 5 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 6 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 7 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 8 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 9 Yorktown Heights (Double LP) Artwork 10