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Generation Freakshow (Special Edition)

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Cooking Vinyl
Album Jewel Case
Hype Sticker
25th March 2016
Rarity Rating StarRarity Rating Star


1. Oh My 2. Borders 3. Idaho 4. Hey Johnny 5. Quiet 6. Sunrise 7. Generation Freakshow 8. Tiny Minds 9. In All Honesty 10. Headstrong 11. Fools Can't Sleep 12. Children Of The Sun 13. Sky Life 14. Miles Away 15. No Light 16. Arms 17. Coast To Coast 18. Along The Avenues 19. Find A Place 20. Stay If You Want To 21. Borders (Acoustic)


Re-released as part of the deal with Cooking Vinyl. The additional tracks were the b-sides from the era - still, it's nice to finally get a formal general release for 'No Light', plus the track 'Sky Life' gets formally named on the tracklisting too.

Early copies were availale with a signed booklet - which were supplied as additional booklet!

As I had all of the tracks already, I've left mine sealed, hence only two photos


Generation Freakshow (Special Edition) Artwork 1 Generation Freakshow (Special Edition) Artwork 2