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All Bright ElectricAlbumTapeN/AUK
All Bright ElectricAlbumLPCOOKLP651XUK
All Bright ElectricAlbumCDVICP-65416Japan
All Bright ElectricPromoCDCOOKCD651UK
All Bright Electric (Deluxe)AlbumCDCOOKCD651XUK
All Bright Electric (Double 12" White Label)PromoVinylCOOKLP651XUK
All Bright Electric (Standard)AlbumCDCOOKCD651UK

Generation Freakshow
Generation FreakshowAlbumCDBTMCD009UK
Generation FreakshowAlbumLPBTMLP009UK
Generation FreakshowAlbumCDVICP65040Japan
Generation FreakshowPromoCDN/AJapan
Generation Freakshow (12" White Label)PromoVinylBTMLP009UK
Generation Freakshow (7" White Label)PromoVinylBTMVS010UK
Generation Freakshow (Album)PromoCDBTMCDP009UK
Generation Freakshow (iTunes Exclusive)DownloadMP3N/AUK
Generation Freakshow (Single)PromoCDBTMCDP010UK
Generation Freakshow (Special Edition)AlbumCDCOOKCD661UK
Renegades / Generation Freakshow (Christmas 2012 Deluxe Bundle)AlbumLPBTMLPX009UK

Getting To Know You Well
Another YesterdayAlbumCDPCCY-01439Japan
Another Yesterday (Indonesia)AlbumTapePMCI 01439Rest Of World
Picture Of Perfect YouthAlbumCDECHCD52UK
Picture Of Perfect YouthAlbumLPECHLP52UK
Picture Of Perfect YouthPromoCDPCCY-01838Japan
Picture Of Perfect YouthAlbumCDPCCY-01838Japan
Picture Of Perfect Youth (Limited Edition)AlbumCDECHCD52UK
Picture Of Perfect Youth (Triple 12" White Label)PromoVinyl?UK
Yesterday Went Too SoonPromoCDECSCD79UK
Yesterday Went Too SoonPromoCDTODAY-1Australia
Yesterday Went Too Soon (Part 1)SingleCDECSCD79UK
Yesterday Went Too Soon (Single Sampler)PromoCDN/AUK
Yesterday Went Too Soon (Single) SingleCDRR 2149-3Europe

Give (Demo)
Feeder (3 Tracks Demos)PromoTapeN/AUK
Real (Demo Recordings)PromoTapeN/AUK

Renegades (12" White Label)PromoVinylBC92887-01UK
Renegades (Album + Instrumentals Promo)PromoCDN/AAmerica
Renegades (Special Edition)AlbumCDBTMCDX004UK
Renegades / Generation Freakshow (Christmas 2012 Deluxe Bundle)AlbumLPBTMLPX009UK
Renegades EP 2SingleCDBTME P002UK

Godhead (Instrumental)
Renegades (Album + Instrumentals Promo)PromoCDN/AAmerica

"Horror Film" (CDR)PromoCDN/AUK
Club SamplerPromoCDFEED06UK
Comfort In SoundAlbumCDECHCD43UK
Comfort In SoundAlbumLPECHLP43UK
Comfort In SoundAlbumTapeECHMC43UK
Comfort In SoundAlbumCDRR 8409-2Europe
Comfort In SoundAlbumCDB0000118-02America
Comfort In SoundAlbumCDPCCY-01623Japan
Comfort In SoundAlbumCD335882Australia
Comfort In SoundAlbumCDLIBCD61062Australia
Comfort In Sound (CD & DVD Edition)AlbumCDECHDV43UK
Comfort In Sound (CD & DVD Edition)AlbumCD?Europe
Comfort In Sound (CDR)PromoCDN/AJapan
Comfort In Sound (CDR)PromoCDN/AAmerica
Comfort In Sound (CDR)PromoCDN/AEurope
Comfort In Sound (Full Album CDR)PromoCDN/AUK
Comfort In Sound (Full Album CDR)PromoCDN/AAmerica
Comfort In Sound (Full Album)PromoCDRR PROMO 667Europe
Comfort In Sound (Hong Kong)AlbumCD?Rest Of World
Comfort In Sound (Indonesia)AlbumTapePMCI 01623Rest Of World
Comfort In Sound (Korea)AlbumCDPCKD 00112Rest Of World
Comfort In Sound (Press Kit)PromoCDECHPR43UK
Comfort In Sound (SACD)AlbumCDECHSACD43UK
Comfort In Sound (Townhouse CDR)PromoCDN/AAustralia

Godzilla (Instrumental)
Comfort In Sound (Instrumentals)PromoCDN/AUK
Comfort In Sound (Instrumentals)PromoCDN/AAmerica

Godzilla (Unmastered)
Comfort In Sound (Unmastered Full Album CDR)PromoCDN/AUK

Godzilla Goes To Mars
Forget About Tomorrow (Part 3)SingleDVDECSDV135UK

Guided By A Voice
Advance CDPromoCDN/AAmerica
Rapture Radio (CDR)PromoCDn/aUK
Silent CryAlbumCDVICP64173Japan
Silent CryPromoCDN/AJapan
Silent CryAlbumCDECHCD79UK
Silent CryPromoCDECHPR79UK
Silent CryAlbumLPECHLP79UK
Silent CryPromoCDN/AAmerica
Silent Cry (CDR)PromoCDN/AJapan
Silent Cry (Deluxe Version)AlbumCDECHCX79UK
Silent Cry (Full Album CDR)PromoCDN/AUK

Tallulah (Deluxe)AlbumCDFEE001CDXUK
Tallulah (Pic Disc)AlbumLPFEE001LPXUK
Tallulah (Pink)AlbumTapeFEE001CASUK
Tallulah (Red)AlbumTapeFEE001CASUK
Tallulah (Unprinted Pic Disc)PromoVinylFEE001LPXUK
Tallulah (White Label)PromoVinylFEE001LPUK
Tallulah (White)AlbumTapeFEE001CASUK