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Recommended Collecting Sites

The internet is one of the best places to find records and CDs that you are after and there are some bargains to be had out there. It's also the best palce to find those rare records and CDs that just can't be bought down your local HMV or Virgin.

Here you'll find some links to the best sites around .... I've used them all and had no problems whatsoever! Check them out!

eBay UK

Excellent Auction site ... be aware of seller feedback and try and avoid the ones with a dodgy history!

Try and get photos of the items before you bid and be aware of last minute bidding.

If you are buying from a foreign seller, make sure you can send payment electronically (e.g. PayPal) otherwise you run the risk of cash going missing in the post ... remember, you can't write cheques in foreign currencies and International Money Orders are about £12 to get (not including the value of the order!!).


UK marketplace where many International sellers list.

Good search facility and a secure server for online payments.


US marketplace where many International sellers list.


On-line Shop (Good but sometimes expensive).

They have an excellent Music Collection Guide, which explains many terms and gives excellent hints and tips! Get to it here.

Vinyl Exchange

On-line Shop (The actual shop in Manchester is better!).

Vinyl Tap

On-line Shop (Good but sometimes expensive).

Directory Of On-line Stores

Has links to thousands of specialist on-line shops.

Tokyo Music

A superb Japanese collectors site run by an top English bloke called Ben!